Den Den Den Deeeennnn

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If you didn’t find that funny at all or if you didn’t get it, then…


I repeat.



But on a serious note (although I’m not entirely sure how you’d take me seriously after that…), this blog is about the experiences and insights I’ve come by in this journey called life.

As much as I’d like to claim to be an expert about a lot of things, I’m really a work in progress and I’m sure most of you feel that way about yourselves at this point in your life.  This is one of the reasons why I’ve been holding off on writing a blog for the longest time.  It used to frustrate me that I am able to produce blogs for clients all the time and yet I could not do it for myself.  Why?  Well…

  1. I don’t really regard myself as an expert
    I believe that I’m good at “some things” (not just something).  I’ve acquired knowledge, skills and experience in a lot of different areas that have led me to where I am now.  But is it enough to give other people “advice”?  And do I really want to give advice?
  2. There’s already too much blogs on the internet
    I’m subscribed to so many blogs and key influencers online.  I also get really frustrated when I come across articles that are full of fluff, so the last thing I would like is to add to that.  I want my blog to be something that would really be helpful

But then I realized that I’m over analyzing things (and for those of you who know me personally, I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you at all, because I have tendency of doing that all the time).  I don’t need to be an expert to write a blog and it doesn’t have to be as structured as the online marketing campaigns that I put together for the clients.  This blog is just about me… about my experiences… and I’m sharing it to the world not to show everyone how great I am or what an expert I am, because I’m not really marketing myself or selling anything.  I’ve put together this blog to share my experiences and the things I’ve learned so it’ll reach other works in progress (like myself!) and hope that it helps them somehow!

This blog is also not a one way thing.  I may be the author, but you can share your insights about the things I have shared and even share similar experiences or stories with me.  If you’re shy or don’t feel that writing is your thing, please feel free to share your experiences with me.  I’d be privileged to be your voice and share your ideas and experiences to the online community.

Since you have reached this part of this post, let me just say THANK YOU!  Thank you for your interest in reading this and spending time for (and with) me.  Please continue to follow me and I look forward to sharing with you and hearing from you, as well!

P.S. Of course there’s a deeper meaning why I chose The Fifth Symphony as the name of this blog!  So, stay tuned for that… 😉


3 thoughts on “Den Den Den Deeeennnn

  1. The main reason I fell in love with blogging was because I found a way to communicate in a way that felt comfortable to me. To share my story and encourage others. Glad you’ve found that too. Can’t wait to see the experiences you share!

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